- Cholila Lake Lodge:  Fly fishing in Patagonia with private runaway close by the lake to arrive by private airplanes.  Ideal for practise fly fishing, x-treme sports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, snow biking, outtrack skiing, snowboarding, tracking, soft rafting, Andes horse riding).  Quiet mountain spot for relaxing and having fun alone or with friends.  Check it out

Experience Wild North Patagonia, from the Ocean to the Andes thru Glaciar Lakes and back.

- Patagonia Adventure Experience Tour:

This is a 5000 km Adventure Travel, trough the Pampas to the Ocean, crossing the arid deserts to the Andes, kayaking the 7 lakes in San Martin de Los Andes, trekking the Lanin volcano, biking the Correntoso tracks, rafting the Limay River, sailing the Nahuel Huapi Glacier Lake, skiing the Cathedral Mountain, drive a 4 x 4 the rally track to the Bolson all along the mountains to south Esquel, fighting the Dinosaurs deserts to Trelew, diving in Puerto Madryn and Golf San Jorge with whales and Orcas, seeing the biggest Sea Lions and penguins colony, and back to the north to Mar del Plata city.

A one month experience, from the ocean to the mountains, from the comfort of hotels to camping on the snow, challenge yourself, make a switch in your life, come with your cameras and film, take good photographs and record in video these unique landscapes and wild animals, along with local people and enjoy a once in a life time travel. We are waiting for you. 

See on the map the complete Adventure Travel

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After a two days travel, crossing the arid desert of the Northern Patagonia, we are introducing ourselves into the Andes area. Here we will spend a 10 to 15 days tours, trekking volcanoes, kayaking lakes, rafting rivers, sailing the huge Nahuel Huapi Glacier lake, skiing on mountains, transiting the roads with 4 x 4 trucks, and much more.

In this area, you will find perhaps the most beautiful landscapes you ever seen, this is why, famous people like Ted Turner, Sylvester Stallone, Benetton, and others, had bought in this locations their houses with farms.

Will visit, travel and discover the special and unique animals of these Nationals Parks, like the "Pudu Pudu", the smallest deer in the world. In this area, the lakes are all attach with Mountain Rivers like pearls in a garland. Here you will find snow, heavy rain, cold, much wind, huge vegetation, no roads, and very much safari conditions.

Each place we will be visiting, will offer you a unique sight of beauty and harmony, and we will combine camping with hotels, so we can reach much unpolluted areas still visit by traditional tourists.

You will see and may not believe your eyes, when you stay aside the "Piltriquitron" mountain, a 300 meters tall wall, right besides the "El Bolson" city, which lies like vertical "mural" of hard stone.  In the lakes, you will not see just one closer or similar to another, and you may take photos just to compare and see the different colors, attitude and sizes between them.

The rally roads here will make us feel in a very exciting driving situation, especially if we decided to see down the deep valley where the roads cross by.

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Living behind the Esquel city and the Andes we cross the Middle Patagonia, land of sheep's, southern gauchos and farms till the ocean visiting the National Park of Península Valdez, full of whales, sea lions, penguins and sea birds.   Visit our Photo Gallery to take a proper look.

After 10 days spent in the Puerto Madryn area, Peninsula Valdez National Park, where we will dive, sail, camp, photograph and video the huge wild life, we will return to the Pampas and Buenos Aires where a typical gaucho "asado" will give us the welcome back.

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