Portada Mar de las Pampas 600.jpg (14589 bytes)FOREST - SAND - BEACHES - OCEAN - WAVES - RELAX - PEACE......

Location:  421 km. south Buenos Aires on national route 11. By bus or car from Buenos Aires (route 2 and 11) or by plane to Mar del Plata and then 100 km north.

Weather:  Humid and middle temperature.  Rain in winter and dryer on spring.  Hot on summer but a little bit chilly during night time.  Middle temperature during summer: 23º Middle temperature during winter: 13º

Activities:  Beach and water sports (windsurf, surf, water bikes, etc).  Sand sports, 4x4, motorbikes, etc.   Horse riding, biking, trekking, etc.  Also fishing from the shore or on boats.

Cabins:  Lots of guest houses of all styles (from pure wood to stone and bricks) were built in the forest to be rented by tourists, with all normal hotel services, including breakfast and kitchens for own cooking.

Phone:  phone calls in Mar de Las Pampas is for free. No cellular signal available inside the forest, but there is Internet.  Dialing to Mar de Las Pampas nationally is: 02255 + phone, and internationally: 542255 + phone. 

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The Beach

Mar de las Pampas playa 1.jpg (24251 bytes)


The Forest (down town)

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The first thing you’ll notice once you are here is the silence; suddenly it happens you’ve just arrived to a place without time with houses hidden behind the trees.

The forest seems quiet (only moves by the wind over the trees), and the sound of the ocean with the waves breaking loudly comes thru the trees like a whisper to your ears.  It is magic time, only breaks by a car or a person time to time.

You just came to the place where elves, gnomes and people from the saga of "The Lord of the Ring" should live.  It is the place to stay and relax.

But this silence is heavy broken in summer time (January and February) and winter holidays (last two weeks of July) when people from all around the country (mostly from Buenos Aires city) come to take their vacation.  This is the happy hour of Mar de Las Pampas.  Thousands of people pack the place and everything comes alive.

Even though, the place inserts over everybody its own energy and begins to slow down people’s mind.  It is like a walking meditation where everybody leaves their cars behind and joins themselves to the sand streets to discover the magical forest.

Here is what you get.  No cellular phone, no road streets (only sand ones), houses, hostels and restaurants, charming shops inside the forest  and kindly people, with a huge smile waiting to talk to you, to serve you and to share their history and life.

About this last one item I have found many stories from people who left their grown up sons and daughters in Buenos Aires and came here to spend the last years of their lives....., people who had rebuilt their lives like "Fenix birds" starting again and again after the Argentinean economic crash down in 2001......, people who were just looking for a place where to live "peacefully" far from the big cities, so they started building guest houses for tourists....., I also found people with nice thoughts like "I want to make Mar de Las Pampas a peaceful place as the World should be"...  so you will not find violence, insecurity, thieves and so on, even though the police is everywhere.

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So, where to start?  I was invited by Mercedes, the owner of Huanquelen cabins to discover the area.

I accepted the invitation and went all the way down to relax and enjoy.


Just wonderful!

Mar de las Pampas Huanquelen 5.jpg (20535 bytes)

The cabins were little houses inserted into the forest, with a beautiful garden designed by "Beto", a local garden engineer who had had the ability to join the local forest with colorful flowers.   Inside the cabins, wooden furniture, a fire place, the kitchen, good showers and plenty windows to feel myself relaxed surrounded by pine trees and eucalyptus.

Mar de las Pampas Huanquelen 3.jpg (23897 bytes)
In the center of the garden a very big an nice swimming pool is the heart of the garden.
On the big garden sorrounded the pool, in the solarium area on the grass the sun chairs are placed for sun tonning and relaxing.
The "paraguayians beds", for relaxing, reading or sleeping are being hang up by the trees beside the playing area.
In the photo you can see a complete overview  of "Huanquelen cabins" with the parking area in front.

To further info or booking accomodation contact Mrs. Mercedes.  Click here


During the night, the lights turned on and the forest turned off and suddenly the silence becomes "too loud" and the feeling of "completeness" surrounded by myself.

Mar de las Pampas Huenquelen 4.jpg (40903 bytes)

I used this time to make little walks thru the deserted streets regarding, from time to time, another lonely guys or couples walking like me.   This area is very good to come with your girl/boy friend, husband/wife, etc. cause you have the time enough for close enjoying and relaxing, or young families who prefer secure and small intimate vacation.


Down Town - Night view

Mar de las Pampas - Centro comercial de noche.jpg (35335 bytes)



Another beautiful place to stay, enjoy and relax is "Aqui me quedo" Cabins, we can translate it as "I stay here" or "this is the place I choose to be", something like that.

The place is packed with flowers, trees and plants.

Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 12.jpg (36934 bytes)
The entrance is crossing a wooden bridge over a pool full of red, green, yellow, fishes called "caracius", all surrounded by the forest.  It´s like walking to "magic town" of the elfs and gnomes.... Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 8.jpg (34503 bytes)
Once you get in, the administration building is placed right beside the pool, a clean blue pool available for summer time surrounded by a wooden deck.

Nice place to sit down, read a book, take a drink or ask for lunch.

Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 7.jpg (29394 bytes)
The rooms are double ones with double bed and if you got a baby you can choose for a "baby bed" close to you, so you do not need to carry yours.  Also rooms with separate beds available, all with private bathrooms and all services. Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 1.jpg (19306 bytes)
Cabins are prepared with all services, including cable TV, fire place, extra cushions and a good living room to spend quiet times enjoying the fire or a movie. Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 4.jpg (28778 bytes)
The kitchen is full, with oven, microwave, big table and you get an outside table for picnic days, with place to prepare a "parrillada" (barbecue).

Everything done in the best wood and carefull details to give you a peaceful time.

Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 5.jpg (34087 bytes)
The owner is Joaquin, a beautiful guy from Panamá, who had decided to set down in Argentina, Mar de las Pampas many years ago.   Lovely person who enjoys good talking, friendly and has three dogs.

Many stories had come to my ears and the sweetness of his good manners are a guarantee of good hospitality.  So do not hesitate to book here and enjoy this comfortable cabins.

Mar de las Pampas - Aqui me quedo 2.jpg (37694 bytes)



Alma del Monte (something like "The Soul of the Forest") is the place to stay when you would like not to be close to everybody or far from "downtown", and be more quiet at the outsides of the area.
The cabins are very well built, the owners themselves are a building company, and you´ll notice that in every detail seen.  Made on wood, stone and bricks, this comfortable units are placed into a deep pine forest.
The backyard of each cabin is placed directly on the local forest of Mar de las Pampas, so you will relax on a very natural spot.
Care and details are well seen inside the buildings too.  Living rooms with cable TV, wooden rustic furniture and visible bricks are the details you can see and feel during your stay.
Complete kitchens allow you to prepare your meals with all cooking stuff.
If you like Argentinean barbecue (asados) each cabin has its own "parrilla" with an open dinning place.
Accommodation is available for 6 people with a double room facing the local pine forest,
and another room with four single beds.


Booking and further info contact Mrs. Cristina



Silvestris Apart

Another exclusive and fine resort you may find in Mar de las Pampas are Silvestris Apartments.

Just a few meters from the beach is one of the most beautiful buildings you can see there.


You can get complete hotel services at Silvestris Apartments.

These include:

Complete breakfast and afternoon tea

Room services

Beach services

White clothes

Kids care

Sand boards for free, included in booking fee, for fun sand surfing

Kids area

Jacuzzi on the outside with massage beds.


Huge apartments for 2, 4 or 6 passengers fully equipped with Cable TV, security boxes, huge king side beds, phone, floor heater, and fine decoration.
Complete kitchen for own cooking with oven, microwave, coffee maker, milk shake machine, so on.
Outside Jacuzzi in wooden deck on relaxing area.
Wonderful living room with big Cable TV,  relaxing sofa, and small table top.
On the outside, a nice swimming pool inserted into the wooden deck with relaxing chairs for sun toning, reading or just relaxing, make this area a beautiful place to spend good afternoon.

More info or booking information contact Silvestris apartments.  Click here



Lemu cabins

They are inserted right in the middle of Mar de las Pampas forest and placed a couple of blocks ahead from "downtown" in one of the most quiet environments of the city.

The cabins are built in red bricks walls with wooden details organized in 3 different categories.

To see cabins details visit the site of "Lemu cabins"

Cabins are very comfortable, well decorated and placed in a wonderful natural environment, with pine tree forest surrounded them.
In all cabins categories you will find wonderful main bedrooms with back and side windows facing the quiet forest.
The kids room or single bedroom have 4 beds per room with windows facing the forest.

As you can see on the pictures, wooden details and furniture are everywhere.

The  kitchen has everything for "own cooking", complete kitchen with oven, microwave oven, etc.

A big round wooden table with 6 wooden chairs complete the dinning room.

Bathroom contain a Jacuzzi with wooden decks surrounded it.

Big windows integrated the bathroom to the pine forest around.

If you like to eat meat and enjoy cooking it barbecue style the cabins has big red brick "parrillas" to make "parrilladas" (Argentinean meat cooked by wood fire).


Beside this parrilla you can have a complete wood dinning table to take lunch on the outdoors, feeling the peaceful pine trees forest.

The owners, Oscar and Monica will received you and provide you with everything you may need for your comfortable stay at Lemu cabins.

For booking and more info contact us.



"Careyes" is another unique spot to sleep, relax and have a good time.

In "Careyes" everything is thought in an spiritual way of thinking.



Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 1.jpg (33572 bytes)
Everything is planned according to Feng Shui phylosophy.  A Japanese gardener had designed the position of every plant and buildings were built according to that. Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 11.jpg (31563 bytes)
You may feel the energy and smell each plant while you go walking into its huge garden.

"Careyes" is a very special place.  Here you can find comfort and beauty as in other places you may have been, but "something else is here".  Eventhough, all Mar de las Pampas is a very mystic place, Careyes leads the subject with the care on the building itself and gardening.

Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 10.jpg (30370 bytes)
If you come here, and nothing happens to you, all normal human  pleasures are still available.  You get a big swimming pool surrounded by trees and relaxing chairs for sun toning, reading or just enjoying a good talk. Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 9.jpg (23208 bytes)
Rooms are luxurius, good furniture, modern details and bed clothes. Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 6.jpg (11124 bytes)
Inside the cabins all the comfort usually taken on 3 star hotels, also  wooden roof, fire place, big dinner table for 6 people and a good open area. Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 4.jpg (13312 bytes)
Kitchen is complete, including oven, microwave and refrigerator, everything right new, very modern and clean.

There is no rush to have breakfast, with a call you receive it in your room at anytime.

Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 3.jpg (11583 bytes)
And as Fabián, the owner explained to us, "Careyes" was thought to enjoy all inner senses of people who come by to relax.  Everything is white, clean, big windows communicate with the surrounding forest and peaceful music enters our ears whispering that we had arrived to Peaceland.

Booking info contact Danila

Mar de las Pampas - Careyes 2.jpg (21840 bytes)



But if you like to be on your own, like at home (at least for a while), writing a book thinking that you are alone outside the world or have the privacy enough with your couple to see nobody, or just prefer your own full space,  try this option, "Angel del Sol" cabins. It´s a huge cabin that is for rent (from 1 to any days) or for sale (if you discover that Mar de las Pampas is your place or want to invest). Click here.

Mar de las Pampas Kuki 9.jpg (61890 bytes)


During my time in Mar de Las Pampas I also met "Elias", a good guy who decided to spent his "last years" in this peacefully forest right beside the ocean.  He opened a resto - bar and invited me with healthy food. Mar de las Pampas - resto Aike Malem.jpg (56151 bytes)

Elias called his restaurant "Aike Malem", Aike means in aborigine language something like "My Place" and certainly you can feel his hospitality here because he will always have time to talk with you lovely stories about the place, the area and his own experience of life.

Mar de las Pampas 8.jpg (28564 bytes)

And when I asked him about how he defines his cooking, he said: - this is the mixture and fusion of natural Argentinean ingredients with European recipes (some polish, Italian and Spanish).

You can find "vareinikes" (a tasty polish dish of potatoes and onions), classic "picadas Argentines"(cheese, pepperoni, ham,vegetables in oil and grapes goes good with beer) and "pankas" (pizza sandwiches with everything inside).  One important point is that I am vegetarian and I found no problem in choosing dishes from the menu.  Very good.

Mar de las Pampas - Aike Malen plato 1.jpg (5569 bytes)   Mar de las Pampas - Aike Malen plato 2.jpg (7023 bytes)

Mar de las Pampas - Aike Malen plato 3.jpg (6349 bytes)   Mar de las Pampas - Aike Malen plato 4.jpg (5541 bytes)

Also, there are many other choices you will get in Mar de Las Pampas to have a good lunch or dinner. The place is packed of different and very good restaurants and pubs where you can try the local beer.   You can know them in the "where to eat section".

So, I have past a wonderful time here.  I am enclosing you down a list of important tourist information to guide you thru your discovering of Mar de Las Pampas and not get lost on the way.  You will find from places to sleep, relax, take food, buy things or even built your own place here.  I hope this will help you.

Come on and enjoy it.  I have done it and have had a very good time.  You always can contact me for further details any moment, that's no problem (eventhough, most contacts has its own links to their websites).   I hope see soon you around.


Mark Royo Celano

Tourist Information:
Where to sleep: Resorts - Lodges - Apart Hotels - Hostels - Cabins - Apartments
Where to eat:   Restaurants - Pubs - Pizzas - Tea Houses
Where to shop:   Handcrafts - Chocolates and Sweets - Shops - Gardening
Real State info:   Commerce - Building Companies - Architects
Activities:  4x4 expedition to Faro Querandi
Travel Agency:   Alimarca
Tel:  (5411) 4243-4611

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Where to sleep:  list of places to stay and relax


Apart Hotels

Careyes Alferez Sobral y Virazón




Aike Malem Av. Roca esquina Los Andes logo Aike Malem con foto.jpg (6281 bytes)
Aquímequedo Julio A. Roca y Cuyo
Alma del Monte Golondrina entre Chajá y Santa María
Angel del Sol Santa María y Peralta Ramos
Angel del Mar Santa María y M. Fernandez
Angel del Bosque Santa María y M. Fernandez
Huanquelen Juez Repetto e/ Benito Linch y E. Paz Mar de las Pampas Huanquelen 6 boton.jpg (6319 bytes)
Lemu Pangaré y Los Pinos
Silvestris Av. Roca y Corvina



Hostal de Las Piedras Cuyo e/ Virazon y Roca



Marea Delfín e/Storni y Virazón



Where to eat: places to have lunch, dinner or drinks



Aike Malem Av. Roca esquina Los Andes Mar de las Pampas - Aike Malen resto bar boton.jpg (6466 bytes)
Amorinda Alberto Gerchunoff y El Lucero Mar de las Pampas - Amorinda boton.jpg (3443 bytes)
Viejos Tiempos Leoncio Paina y Cruz del Sur  






Pasaje Los Rosales Santa María e/ El Lucero y El Ceibo
Manos del mundo Pasaje Sureño - Local 12
El Arcángel Paseo de la Pinocha


Chocolates and Sweets

La Nonna Julia Centro Comercial Las Gaviotas - L. 7



Las Gaviotas Calle 33 y Punta del Este - Las Gaviotas
La Pinocha El Lucero y Santa María
Corpo Paseo Sendas del Encuentro




Jardin de las Pampas Av. del Plata y Housay


Real State

Agreste Casas Calle 33 e/ P. del Este y M. de las Pampas - Las Gaviotas
Alici Juez Repetto y Las Toninas
Capurro Propiedades El Lucero y Julio A. Roca
Estudio Inmobiliario Victoria Ocampo esq. Ombú
Gianini Inmobiliaria Mar del Plata y 33 - Mar Azul
Gianini Inmobiliaria Paseo de la Comarca
Irell Av. Cruz del Sur y J. Roca
Manrique Propiedades Las Toninas y Juez Repetto
Mar de las Pampas Avda. El Lucero y Querandies
Mariano Villamayor - Propiedades Av. Mar del Plata e/ calle 35 y 36 - Mar Azul
Roncoroni Propiedades Calle 34 y Av. Mar del Plata - Mar Azul


Building Companies

Alici Repetto y Las Toninas
Alma de Fuego Centro Comercial
Arcos Brown e/ Artes y Guerrero
Línea Rustica  
R. S. Construcciones  
Sisteco Av. El Lucero y Julio Roca



Alescio - Bonomo  
Alfredo Bruno Bauni  
Carlos Schifano   
Estudio Formas Av. El Lucero y Santa María
Fernanda Nicolini  
Isabel Navarro Barlovento y Los Cóndores
Lado - Petry Barca Grande y del Plata
Marcelo Ferrara Av. El Lucero y Santa María
Rodolfo Ravier & Asociados Repetto y Las Toninas
Varela & Boccadoro Corvina y Roca - Village de Las Pampas
Vazques & Asociados El Lucero y Querandíes




4x4 Expedition to Faro Querandi

The "Faro Querandi" its a big light house placed looking to the ocean and surrounded by thousands meters of sand, big dunes and small trees.  It is called "Querandi" cause it is the name of the aborigens that lived in this area many years ago (no more now).

Light House is seen from the ocean, far away.  It is used by fishermen and sailmen who sail from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata and back.

FARO QUERANDI 4.jpg (12945 bytes)
One way you can get there is by 4x4.

Renting a 4x4 in Mar de las Pampas is not so easy unless its summer time (January and February) and because I've been at the beginning of September (still winter and was very windy and chilly) I was able to go thanks to a friend who invited me to go (lucky me).

FARO QUERANDI 1.jpg (26828 bytes)
To go from Mar de las Pampas is a 12 km drive through the desert beach of 300 meters wide of clean sand.  The place is very wild and the driving experience is quite cool, cause you have the ocean on one side and the sand desert on the other.

Behind that desert there are the trees, not seen from the shore.

FARO QUERANDI 2.jpg (22028 bytes)
Once you get there you feel (like my friend Kuky said) an ant, small, tiny and insignificant, surrounded by this beautiful and huge demonstration of nature and human building.

Click here to see a 360 view of Light House Querandi

FARO QUERANDI 3.jpg (12915 bytes)