Experience Wild North Patagonia, from the Ocean to the Andes thru Glaciar Lakes and back.

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4x4 Patagonia Adventure Tours

1) Starting at San Martin de los Andes, we continue all the way down beside the Andes to Esquel city between Glacier Lakes and huge mountains, surrounding the amazing Nahuel Huapi Glacier Lake, Bariloche city and the Catedral mountain ski center.  From there we cross the aridness and desert Patagonia to the Atlantic Ocean till Trelew city and visit the Wild National Park of Peninsula Valdez, full of see lions, penguins, orcas and whales. This is a 1500 km trip (950 miles), 30 days tour.  We will not drive every day and you can have more time to spend and discover each area.   Good for sightseeing, photography and relaxing.

2) Starting at the same point of the option number 1 in San Martin de los Andes, we drive down to Esquel but from there we continue all the way down for the 40 National road (is a very extreme road) right beside the Andes, visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier, Calafate and Lago Argentino, then to Rio Gallegos (Atlantic Ocean), crossing the Magallanes Channel to Tierra del Fuego island and down the way to Ushuaia (the southest city of the world) after passing by Tolwin city and the Fagnano Lake, a beautiful lake that change its colors.   In Ushuaia we will be sailing in the Beagle Channel, trekking the Marcial Glacier and going to the Black Lake.   Is a 2500 km trip (1500 miles), 30 days tour.

3) Same as before but we return back driving to the north till Peninsula Valdez by the ocean road number 3.    This is a 4000 km trip (2500 miles), 30 days tour,   where we will stay driving at least between 200 and 300 km daily (4 or 5 hours daily driving).   In this trip you will see the best of the two worlds, the Andes, the mountains, the Glacier, Lakes, The Beagle Channel, etc. with its beauty and the Ocean with all its power and wildlife (specially whales, October and November are the best months to see them).

As you see we got many options to offer you, depending of what you want to do.    We can said that option 1 is more "comfortable", option 2 is in between and option 3 is the best for seeing everything and driving experience.

Check the map below for road details.


Map of the 4 x 4 Patagonia Adventure Tours

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